2018. december 25., kedd

Fotónapló - Karácsony 2018

Karácsonyi hangulat az otthonunkban

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  1. Various stretch presses exist, with the most common ones being oriented vertically; a hydraulic ram is used to boost the forming die and press it into the sheet steel resting on a press table. In contrast, horizontal stretch presses use a stationary press table to mount the shape die sideways whereas the sheet is pulled horizontally around the die by gripping jaws. Bending uses machines corresponding to press brakes to bend sheet steel into U-shapes, V-shapes, and channels. Conversely, horizontal bends on sheet steel may be faraway from strip-shaped pieces in a process called decambering. Air Humidifiers Waterjet Cutting uses a high-pressure jet of water shot at high pace to chop through sheet steel. The water is combined with an abrasive substance to facilitate eroding of the fabric throughout slicing.